When it comes to innovative media courses, the Bavarian Film Centre is a creative pioneer, hosting top-class events, hands-on workshops, and creative labs. Our unique programme on Content and Storytelling is setting new standards and attracting leading names from the world of media to the city of Munich.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360° Native

VR and AR are transforming our working and learning methods and how we deal with media. Huge changes are looming. Immersive experience and interactivity in virtual space are revolutionising the way in which we experience content. A new narration is being created.

VR and AR is where the technological trend is heading and what the future holds, and we are keeping our finger on the pulse and exploring future technologies with regard to content creation and storytelling.


New technologies have huge potential. Terms like ‘immersion’, ‘empathy’, ‘impact’, and ‘presence’ describe what can be experienced in VR. However, experiences in AR, VR, and 360° require a new narration. A new ‘language’ needs to be developed, and the rules of classic storytelling only apply to a limited extent.

Our Content course deals with the link between content and state-of-the-art technology, providing inspiration, conveying new workflows and creative techniques, and furnishing support through rapid prototyping and agile, iterative work processes. We help put ideas and concepts on their way with multi-disciplinary and multi-industry education and training offerings.

Digital Storytelling

Stories and tales can be told through a number of formats: in films, in series, through video or computer games, on the web, or in analogue form in books, exhibitions, or theatre plays. It is no longer enough to think in terms of telling a story for a single medium; it must be transmitted via different forms and formats. The viewer, reader, or listener wants to experience it close up, in any place and at any time.

It is therefore more important today than ever before to make the audience—the user—the starting point of any considerations. Human-centred design, audience engagement, and user experience are fixed elements of our consultancy work. Revenue models and distribution strategies require just as much creativity as does the development of the actual material—or rather, they both go hand-in-hand. Conveying this, and pointing out the paths to success in this complexity, are important issues, alongside the complicated development of entire story worlds and their numerous application options.