»So, you just have to be open in the future. (…) I embrace change. Always did, always will …«


Alongside the well-established mentoring and bursary (scholarship) programmes for classic TV and film producers, the Bavarian Film Centre has been quick to focus on making young start-ups aware of the opportunities presented through digital change. This means joining the latest technological accomplishments with relevant content. Our innovative Content courses set new standards in the field of classic and innovative storytelling, and support young creative heads in shaping the future of motion pictures.

A Creative Force

With our varied range of start-up courses, we are promoting budding producers in all areas of the media landscape who are either taking the traditional route or want to become actively involved with the global market, looking for new models for success and practices.

We also have many years of experience in developing content for the moving image sector, as well as wide-ranging expertise. With a broad spectrum of programmes, the Bavarian Film Centre encourages young writers in traditional fields and content creators in innovative formats through the development of support programmes – from Masterclasses and Labs to Storytelling Hackathons – to meet the needs of the market.

A Synergetic Location

The Bavarian Film Centre provides a home for start-ups in the media industry, and many young enterprises from the media industry have chosen the Film Centre as their headquarters. We give newcomers professional advice on dramaturgy, film and TV production, and digital strategies, whilst they also gain an insight into content creation for new technologies. Moreover, they benefit from the creative environment, access to an extensive network, and a modern infrastructure.

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