»So, you just have to be open in the future. (…) I embrace change. Always did, always will …«
Steven Spielberg

The Bavarian Film Centre supports young creative talents from all areas of the media industry to shape the future by giving an understanding of the opportunities of the digital transformation. In addition to established mentoring and scholarship support, it also involves the development of innovative formats and connecting new technologies with relevant content.

Inspiration for the Future

The potential of new technologies is huge. Virtual and extended realities change the way we work, learn and use media. Great changes are about to happen, and we are still at the beginning. Immersive experiences in the virtual space revolutionize our perception of media. Terms such as “immersion”, “empathy”, “impact” and “presence” describe this. Nevertheless, the rules of classical storytelling are no longer valid for spatial experiences in AR, VR, and 360°. A new narration is emerging! A new “grammar” still needs to be developed.

Creative Workshop

The Bavarian Film Centre is one of the creative pioneers when it comes to innovative media formats; top-class events, practical workshops, creative LABs. We teach new workflow and creativity techniques, support rapid prototyping and agile work processes. Our topics are up to date: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360° native, storytelling, human-centered design, audience engagement and user experience. We help you get started with ideas and concepts by offering multidisciplinary and cross-industry training.

We support young authors, TV and movie producers. Our versatile programs on the topic of “Content Creators in innovative formats”, such as master classes, LABs, and storytelling hackathons – set standards in the field of modern storytelling. We have many years of experience and a wide range of expertise. We are very well connected and bring international Media experts to Munich.

A Synergetic Location

The Bavarian Film Centre provides a home for start-ups in the media industry, and many young enterprises from the media industry have chosen the Film Centre as their headquarters. We give newcomers professional advice on dramaturgy, film and TV production, and digital strategies, whilst they also gain an insight into content creation for new technologies. Moreover, they benefit from the creative environment, access to an extensive network, and a modern infrastructure.

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