München, 8–10 | 3 | 2016

Whether Virtual Reality, multi-platform storytelling, or international-level VFX, on Transmedia Day, Mixed Reality Day, and Animation Day, visitors were able to learn directly from the makers what is behind these new formats. Giving inspiring lectures, leading names revealed current media innovations and what lies ahead.


Arranged by Prof. Egbert van Wyngaarden, Transmedia Day kicked everything off on Tuesday, 8 March. The programme dealt with the various aspects of digital storytelling.

Mixed Reality Day (9 March) revolved entirely around user-orientated applications from the areas of Augmented and Virtual Reality. To talk about the most innovative trends in digital developments, curator Dirk Schart brought together national and international guest speakers.

Our symposium enjoyed a brilliant finale with Animation Day (10 March). Curator Prof. Jürgen Schopper brought together well-known animation experts and arranged for them to report on the most exciting trends from the industry spearhead.



media Day

Prof. Egbert van Wyngaarden

Macromedia University / Germany

Professor van Wyngaarden teaches scriptwriting and creative writing at the Macromedia University in Munich and is a founder member and chairman of the interdisciplinary network Transmedia Bayern e.V. He is also a member of the jury for the Cross-Media prize and one of the heads of the ‘story:first – digital storytelling lab’.

Monique Simard

SODEC / Kanada

When it comes to media innovation, Canada is at the forefront. This is not just mere coincidence, but the result of a visionary policy. Monique Simard, CEO of the Quebec agency for cultural and creative business, SODEC, explains how the digital transformation can succeed in the field of media.

Georg Tschurtschenthaler

Gebrüder Beetz / Germany

Nothing to hide? «Supernerds – Ein Überwachungsabend» thrilled and shocked German media users last summer. Grimme Award Laureate Georg Tschurtschenthaler explains how the crossmedia project combines theatre, TV, radio, gaming and social media into a highly innovative form of docutainment concerning one of the most pressing issues of our time: data and surveillance. «Supernerds» is nominated for the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards.

Thomas Sessner

BR Next / Germany

Thomas Sessner heads the ‘Film aktuell’ department at Bayerisches Fernsehen, where he is increasingly involved in creating transmedia and cross-media productions. Since 2015 he has headed the ‘Digital Development / Media Events’ editorial department as well as the head of BR NEXT, a creative and production unit that realises innovative ideas for all platforms.


Louis-Richard Tremblay

NFB / Canada

The National Film Board of Canada promotes, produces and markets highly innovative film and media projects and has successfully made the transition to the digital world, with projects such as ‘Journal of Insomnia’, ‘Highrise’, ‘Bear71′ and ‘Do Not Track’. Louis-Richard Tremblay offers an insight into his work as a producer in the field of interactive media at NFB Montréal.

Sebastian Zembol

mixtvision Verlag / Germany

Jörg Blumtritt

Datarella / Germany

Amazon, Netflix, the New York Times: use and user data plays an increasingly important role in the design of media offers. And more than that – data is even able to generate its own content. Data analyst, blogger and CEO of the consultancy company Datarella, Jörg Blumtritt, explains how data-powered format development works and how the relevance of entertainment offers for users is increasing as a result.

Nicholas Fortugno

Playmatics / USA

Innovation occurs wherever storytelling, play, technology and design come together. In 2015, Nick Fortugno conducted an interdisciplinary research project together with Lance Weiler, entitled ‘Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things’, which cast light on the entertainment potential of the Internet of Things. A look into the future of the entertainment industry.

Marc Beaudet

Turbulent / Canada

Nobody knows better than Marc Beaudet what it means to mobilise a crowd for a media project. The Montréal producer of films, games and software conducted the crowd-funding campaign for ‘Star Citizen’ with his company Turbulent. The campaign raised 86 million dollars from over one million fans, resulting an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Kay Meseberg

ARTE / Germany, France

Salla Rosa Leinonen

YLE / Finnland

Mixed Reality Day

Dirk Schart

RE’FLEKT / Germany

Dirk Schart is one of the leading digital experts in user-oriented augmented and virtual reality applications in the field of marketing and media. He is head of PR & marketing at the tech start-up RE’FLEKT, co-author of the ‘Praxishandbuch Augmented Reality’ (‘Practical Augmented Reality Handbook’) and has won several awards.

Rupert Schäfer

The Nunatak Group / Germany

Rupert Schäfer has many years of experience in the fields of mobile technology, media and digitisation, as a founder and angel investor. In his keynote address, he will present his insights into digital transformation in various aspects of augmented and virtual reality.

Stephan Otto

Fraunhofer IIS / Germany

Dr. Stephan Otto is a project manager in the field of positioning technology and real-time analysis at the Fraunhofer IIS. He has realised his dream of a holodeck, offering interactive movement in a virtual world equipped with hundreds of radio transmitters over an area of 1,400 m².

Gabe Mac

Homepage / The Netherlands

Gabe Mac is an inspiring game designer, artist and dudeist. Gabe will be taking his audience on a journey into hyperreality, from Disney World to Van Gogh and also addresses the question of how the great masters of art think about virtual worlds.

Rolf Illenberger

Pro Sieben Sat.1 Digital & Adjacent / Germany

Diego Montoya

RE’FLEKT / Germany

Diego Montoya is an interactive media developer at RE’FLEKT and a passionate supporter of digital art. Together with his team, he has developed a new virtual-reality motion controller for the Audi VR Experience presented in Hollywood.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Rauschnabel

University of Michigan-Dearborn / USA

Professor Rauschnabel is one of the few researchers in the world to study the acceptance of wearables and smart glasses. He denotes the next generation of smart devices as ‘fashnology’ and postulates an increasing fusion between fashion & technology and virtuality & reality.

Philipp Nagele

Wikitude / Austria

As the Chief Technology Officer of Wikitude, Philipp Nagele develops the tracking algorithms of the future. In what direction is augmented reality developing from a technical perspective, and how important are the activities of the Big Four: Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft?

Klasien van de Zandschulp

Lava Lab / The Netherlands

Klasien van de Zandschulp sees the success factor of augmented and virtual reality in a meaningful user experience. Based on her experience with Layar and her ‘Virtual Festivals’, she will show how storytelling, UX and design can make all the difference between a good application and a successful one.


Jürgen Schopper

Nuremberg Institute of Technology / Germany

Jürgen Schopper is Professor of Film & Animation at the Faculty of Design at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg-Simon-Ohm, as well as VFX Creative Director at ARRI Media in Munich. For him, animation has many facets.

Sven Pannicke

RISE FX / Germany

Sven Pannicke is one of the CEOs at RISE FX, and he can look back at a whole decade of rich experience, not only in the field of traditional animation but also in production and VFX projects. As a supervisor and producer, he oversees various film projects, and in his keynote presentation, he will be talking about the visual effects and animations in cinema films such as ‘Hitman’, ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ (Guy Ritchie ), ‘Cloud Atlas’ (Tom Tykwer & the Wachowskis) and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ (David Yates).

Thorsten Wegener

Studio 100 Media / Germany

Thorsten Wegener is director of business operations at ‘Studio 100 Media’ and presents animation films in the international children’s film segment (Maya the Bee, Vicky the Viking, Heidi, and many others). In his presentation he will be looking at the relationship between development, production and distribution.

Sven Martin

Pixomondo / Germany

Sven Martin has been CCO/VFX supervisor at PIXOMONDO in Frankfurt since 2008, and has in that time implemented a strong creature and character animation pipeline. His list of credits includes such productions as ‘Super 8′, ‘Iron Man II’, ‘Melancholia’, Star Trek’, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. In his presentation, he will be concentrating on photorealistic animations for international TV series such as ‘Game of Thrones’, for which he has won two Emmy Awards as well as several VES Awards.

Marian Mavrovic

Industrial Light & Magic / UK

Marian Mavrovic is an internationally experienced Compositing Supervisor and has been working for INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC since 2014. He has been involved in many major film projects, such as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘Prometheus’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, and most recently ‘STAR WARS – The Force Awakens’. We are proud that he has agreed to hold two presentations. Marian Mavrovic will be showing how complex animations and VFX are employed to create Hollywood blockbusters, based on the forty-year history of ‘INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC’.

Tina Maria Werner

lucie-p / Germany

Tina Maria Werner, CEO of the ‘lucie_p’ film agency for installations, shows how animations can be employed to stunning effect in media installations for trade fairs, exhibitions and other events (such as those at BMW Welt).

Loyd Price

Aardman / UK

Loyd Price, Head of Animation, Aardman Features, began his association with Aardman on a freelance basis in 1994 and joined the staff two years later. He initially worked primarily on commercials and later on as an animator on Nick Park’s Oscar-winning short “A Close Shave“. Loyd was the supervising animator on the clay-animated hit “Chicken Run,” which marked Aardman’s first full-length feature. He continued with „The Curse of the WereRabbit“, ‚Flushed Away“, „Pirates!“ and recently „Shaun the Sheep Movie“.

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