Munich, 7 | 23–27 | 2018

xR Creators’ Lab: Europe’s exclusive training- and development lab for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° Film! 

Immersive technologies are developing and improving at a breath-taking tempo, but at the same time there is a challenge to create quality content for the new medium. We learned a bit over the last few years, but we are still in a state of exploration and discovery when it comes to sensorial and spatial narratives or CinematicVR. Not to mention Augmented Reality that just has been landed a few months ago with the release of new devices.

In 2017 we organized the first European VR Creators’ Lab and hosted 50 participants, partners and mentors from 22 nations. The creative sandbox turned into vibrant networking space, where like-minded creatives exchanged knowledge, teamed up for rapid prototyping sessions and became family and – coworkers and coproducers.

In 2018 we opened up the lab not only for Virtual Reality and 360° Film, but also for Augmented Reality and all technologies in between. We focused on narratives and storytelling, on content creation and the creative challenges of immersive worlds.

The xR Creators’ Lab was addressed to all writers, VR/AR developers, game designers, programmers, 360° filmmakers, techies, creative producers, media enthusiasts, artists and all with a solid professional background and a huge amount of curiosity and open-mindedness.

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What did we do?

The 5-day training was filled with intense expert sessions, mentored pressure cooking development, guided rapid prototyping and hands-on inspirational workshops. It was a safe haven to learn, explore, experiment and work together – in a completely non-competitive, multidisciplinary, creative, sparkling and enjoyable environment. 

We are proud to have worked with some of the best creators and artists as mentors: Christoph Anthes, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Rolf Illenberger, Viond, Philipp Heiler, Brainboost, Kevin Tsukii, Emblematic Group, Mads Damsbo, Makropol, Traugott Emrich, Sönke Kirchhof, INVR. Space, Andreas Oestreich, ARRI, Fabrizio Palmas, Straightlabs, Paul Raphaël, Felix & Paul Studios, Michel Reilhac, Biennale Venice VR, Martin Rieger, VRTonung, Johannes Steurer, ARRI, Tamiko Thiel, Media Artist, Sara Lisa Vogl, xR Base and Benjamin de Wit, VR Days Europe.

Seven prototypes were developed in the teams within a very short period of time - whether, as in the previous year, projects will actually be realized in European teams? Our cooperation partner VR Days Amsterdam invites two teams to continue working on their ideas during the festival!

The xR Creators’ Lab was helmed by Astrid Kahmke, Bavarian Film Center.

Place of event

Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts
Munich Residenz
Max-Joseph-Place 3
80539 Munich

Christoph Anthes

Professor for Augmented and Virtual Reality at the University for Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Christoph teaches Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in Medicine, in which he also works as a researcher. He has been fascinated with the area of Virtual Reality for more than 20 years now and has been working as a scientist in the field of Mixed Reality for over 15 years. Christoph has published more than 40 articles on this topic in various journals and conference proceedings .

Dr. Rolf Illenberger

Viond / Germany

Rolf is driven by the vision of empowering any creative person to create and publish their own VR/360° stories. Following several years of development, he launched Viond in early 2018 as an innovative platform to live up to his vision. Prior to launching Viond, Rolf was a managing director at Germanys largest broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 and help companies with the digital transformation as a management consultant.

Philipp Heiler

brainboost / Germany

Philipp is a medical doctor and founder of brainboost. The interdisciplinary team of doctors, psychologists, health- and sport-scientists as well as game designers is completely specialized in EEG analysis and neurofeedback. Brainboost offers neurotechnology for many target groups, including medical patients, coporate health programs, artists and athletes. Currently, neuro-responsive VR environments are created and tested, to make neurofeedback more efficient.

Kevin Tsukii

Emblematic Group / USA

Kevin Tsukii is the Lead on Immersive Video Technologies at Emblematic Group, where he has helped launch multiple award-winning VR experiences for FRONTLINE PBS, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Oculus and Mozilla. He has worked as a motion graphic designer at Al Jazeera America and shortly after at the Los Angeles Times Visuals Desk producing VR projects. His work has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA).

Mads Damsbo

Makropol / Denmark

Mads Damsbo, schooled a film producer, and an avid techno-optimist, founded Makropol straight out of filmschool, to explore how audiovisual storytelling could help immerse audiences in unprecedented ways.

6 years later - MAKROPOL, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an award-winning independent studio working in the intersection of cinema, technology, live performance and installation with their works exhibited, screened, and featured in venues, galleries, and festivals all over the world.

Traugott Emrich

AeroFotografie / Germany

Traugott Emrich has over 10 years of experience in aerial photography, aerial panorama photography and aerial videos. He has engineered and developed motorized camera heads (Gigapanbot), 360° video drones, 360° camera rigs and gimbals for various custom applications and has a strong technical background in remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) using different flight control systems.

He is specialized in high quality 360° panoramic images as well as high resolution panoramic photography since 2008 and provides specialized 360° video and 360° 3D production using advanced technologies like 360° stealth drones, remote RC dollies, cable cams and camera rigging. Traugott also is experienced in conventional and aerial photogrammetry and 3D laser-scanning. End to end Data Capture & Processing in order to deliver the best possible 3D reconstruction for Cultural Heritage, Architecture, Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences and Gaming.

Sönke Kirchhof

INVR.Space / Germany

Sönke is CEO and executive producer of award-winning VR Full Service Studio INVR.SPACE GmbH and in charge of all business-related operations as well as deciding on creative and technologic approaches. He works in the fields of VR, stereoscopic filmmaking, VFX and CGI Postproduction as well as Research and Development in arts and technology since more than 15 years. He is also founder of reallifefilm international GmbH, working as Producer and Stereographer in all kind of projects.

Andreas Oestreich

Arri Media / Germany

Andreas Oestreich studied interactive media at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and joined Arri Media in 2011 as a CG artist. His main focus was on media installations at trade fairs and other major events around the world. Most recently he was Technical Director responsible for 3D simulation, compositing and post production workflow. In 2016, he joined Arri’s Future Trends and Technology working group for camera development, where he is responsible for configuration and workflows of 360° and VR camera systems.

Fabrizio Palmas

straightlabs / Germany

With a background in business administration, Fabrizio Palmas is a creative and technical director at straightlabs. He leads a team of software developers, art and game designers. Together with his team he develops innovative trainings for enterprises based on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Moreover, the Unity Certified Developer and Professional Scrum Master teaches at the University of Applied Management and at the Technical University Munich, where he´s also a PhD Candidate.

More about Fabrizio Palmas

Paul Raphaël

Felix&Paul Studios / Canada

Paul is a two time Emmy Award-winner, filmmaker and visual artist based in Montreal. With a combined passion in cinematic storytelling, visual effects and technology, he and Félix Lajeunesse developed award-winning stereoscopic 3D films and large-scale multimedia installations that have been viewed around the world. Paul has directed original VR experiences and series in a multitude of genres – including collaborations with former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and most recently on Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, as well as NASA and Space X. Paul has also been featured in Daring 25 List curated by Vanity Fair and “30 Execs to Watch” as well as in “AdAge’s Creativity 50” list.

Michel Reilhac

Head of Submarine Channel, co-programmer of Venice VR at the Venice Biennale Int. Film Festival)

Michel is a pioneer in Virtual Reality filming. His first VR film «Viens!» premiered at Sundance 2016. He is a thought-leader for hybrid forms of storytelling, and immersive, participatory, and interactive experiences. He is also Head of Studies for the Venice Biennale College, and was Head of the Cross Media College at Scuola Holden , Torino , Italy between 2013 and 2016. Michel’s past includes his work as a contemporary dancer and producer of international tours for major dance companies.

Martin Rieger

VRTonung / Germany

Martin is specialized in sound of vision for cinematic virtual reality productions. He worked as an audio producer and composer for a variety of documentaries, commercials and feature films, while he was actually doing his master’s degree in media technology and production. This provided the optimal basis to jump entirely into virtual reality audio. For projects he is responsible for 360° sound recordings and the immersive 3D audio post-production. He also wants to make the subject more present and accessible by giving talks and Workshops.

Johannes Steurer

ARRI / Germany

Johannes Steurer is head of the Future Trends & Technology research and development at ARRI, where he is responsible for research cooperations and innovations in the field of future recording techniques (3D recording, depth maps, light field, 360° and volumetric recording). He has held various positions at ARRI since 1994. Former activities at IRT and Signum Computer, Munich. Studies of electrical engineering and information technology, doctorate at the Technical University of Munich. Ongoing teaching and reviewing activities. FKTG and SMPTE member. Awards from the Advanced Imaging Society, AMPAS, Cinec, FKTG and SMPTE.

Tamiko Thiel

Visiting Professor, University for Art and Design Linz

Tamiko Thiel is an internationally acknowledged pioneer creating poetic spaces of memory for exploring social and cultural issues in virtual reality (VR, since 1994) and augmented reality (AR, since 2010). Founding member of artist group Manifest.AR, participating in their path-breaking AR invention at MoMA NY in 2010, and main curator and organizer of their invention into the 2011 Venice Biennial. In 2017 she was GoogleVR Tilt Brush Artist in Residence, and in 2018 Visiting Professor for AR at the University for Art and Design Linz.

More about Tamiko Thiel

Sara Lisa Vogl

xR Base / Germany

Sara Lisa Vogl has a background in Communication Arts and Interactive Media. She develops and directs immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences, and curates and guides through long-term VR trips as the worlds’ first VR Shaman. She cofounded one of the first blogs VR Nerds and spent the early days of VR with the Hamburg based team. Since she moved to Berlin in 2016, Sara is collaborating with Daan Kip to unite and unlock the potential of the European XR scene with their content creation network XRBASE.

Benjamin de Wit

VR Days Europe / Netherlands

Benjamin de Wit is Founder and Festival Director of VR Days Europe (2015), Europe’s most dynamic Mixed Reality event. He started his career in 2001 as a stage actor with Ivo van Hove’s Toneelgroep Amsterdam. After he has developed several businesses, Spot On Agency, agency for actors and Studio Stomp a digital agency until in 2013 he had his first VR experience. After this experience De Wit was infected by the VR virus and has been an active apostle ever since. He started developed the VR production “Ashes to Ashes” and the yearly returning „VR Days Europe“ festival.

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