i4c Conference successfully connected Master Minds

The i4c conference was successfully held on Saturday last week at the University of Television and Film Munich. The event focussed on discussions about developing new narrative forms while merging the gaming, cinematography and virtual reality industry. Attendees with different backgrounds were discussing the essential elements of producing successful VR experiences and how to tell stories in a new way for VR.

Dominic Eskofier, VR-Spokesman at NVIDIA, opened the i4c conference with the decisive question of how to create content for the metaverse and pointed out that VR opens new ways of interactive storytelling, which has to be created by film producers right now.

Jeff Gomez, storyteller and Transmedia Producer at Starlight Runner Entertainment, USA, impressively showed the correlations between game design and narrative structures in VR and pointed out, that development must do more than serve technology: „It must serve to wake up people“.

"Germany, in my opinion, is an awakening giant now preparing to show the world its capabilities at the crossroads of technology and great storytelling“, says Jeff Gomez. „The German culture contains myths, legends, and narratives that have fired the imagination of the world’s film, television, and video game industries. Now the nation is preparing to enter the field of virtual reality and augmented reality. ... The distribution and conveyance of story is rapidly evolving, but we must remember that the power of story dates back to the time of dragons…"

Astrid Kahmke, Curator of the i4c Conference: „The Bavaria Film Centre supports film producers and media professionals and our background is all dedicated to storytelling and content creation. Since many years we are offering master classes, seminars, hackathons, labs and international conferences to provide content developers deeper insights into new technologies and update its procedures to take account of advances in these industries. Virtual Reality as a new medium is a very complex topic and at many events the technological aspects are more dominant than content creation aspects. With our experts, who we invited for i4c, we wanted to address and inspire creatives, storyteller, authors and producers. At this moment in time, we are all pioneers and it’s enormously important to exchange ideas and to learn from each other. One thing is very clear for me: VR needs extremely high-valuable content and demands for a new narration.“

Interviews with our speakers are available in our YouTube channel.

The i4c Conference – Content Creation for Virtual Worlds took place in the Audimaxx of the University of Television and Film Munich.

Dominic Eskofier, VR-Manager of NVIDIA, opened the i4c Conference.

Jeff Gomez, Storyteller and Transmedia-Producer at Starlight Runner Entertainment (USA), is a more in demand conversation partner.