Making a film at last. Turning the first project into reality. Even if it is backed up by a brilliant idea, an exciting story, and experienced camera operators, there is no guarantee that a first film will be a success. But with the support of the Bavarian Film Centre, young, creative minds can be directed straight towards success.

First Movie Plus is specially designed for young writers and producers. We give them professional advice on developing theatrical films and TV features, and 360° experiences, in addition to comprehensive support for planning and filmmaking.

What Participants Can Expect

  • Intensive dramatic advice and script consulting
  • Assistance in the search for writers, producers, and suitable broadcasters/distributors
  • Support in making contact with script and film editors
  • Exclusive audiovisual industry pitching event during the Munich Film Fest
  • Help with putting director, cast, and other packages together
  • Advice on sponsorship applications and financial opportunities
  • The option to participate in themed workshops and seminars at the Bavarian Film Centre
  • The project’s participation in First Movie Plus ends either when the participant stops producing or when the project is turned into a film
  • The participant still retains all rights to the project

Who Can Apply

  • Writers, producers, and directors wishing to make their first or second project into a film (short and medium-length films are excluded)
  • All applicants must have completed professional training in the area of scriptwriting or corresponding professional experience (e.g. degree in scriptwriting or direction, published novelists, journalists with professional experience and a high affinity with film)
  • Applicants must be no more than 40 years of age


You may submit fictional or documentary film features, serial formats, or concepts for interactive or transmedia projects, and for 360° native experiences, VR and AR. Short and medium-length films are not offered support.

The next deadlines for feature films and drama series is 21 February 2020.

Submission requirements: Application form, CV, exposé, treatment or script, and the project presentation if applicable and available.

What It Costs to Join

The programme is free of charge.

Consultations are provided at personal meetings in Munich, but also via Skype in exceptional cases. Project pitching takes place in Munich. Travel costs are not covered.

Should a project reach the production stage, we will charge you a basic fee of €2,500 when filming commences, plus an agreed sum of up to a maximum €4,500, depending on our consultancy costs.

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