Talent needs strong partners. Those who draw on the expertise of our experienced mentors will have a better chance of prospering. In order to succeed in the media industry, you need someone who is good at listening and will also give good advice—and having contacts is crucial, of course.

With our First Movie Programme here at the Bavarian Film Centre, we aim to give young, gifted writers, directors, and producers the tools they need for a strong start to their professional career.

The First Movie Plus

The First Movie Plus is aimed at young aspiring writers and producers. You will receive in-depth advice on how to develop new material and turn your projects into films. The format and the dramatic and aesthetic forms are immaterial; what is important is the individual touch and the potential of the idea. The wide range of projects by young talent that have now been completed are a testament to this kind of open approach.


VGF Film Prize and Office Bursary (Scholarship)

The VGF, a collecting society for exploitation rights in cinematographic works, has been awarding its annual Office Bursaries (Scholarships) in the Bavarian Film Centre for more than 20 years.

The 24-month VGF grants are advertised each year. Each year the Verwertungsgesellschaft für Nutzungsrechte an Filmwerken mbH, or VGF for short, supports two innovative young producers whose aim is movie production.