München, 20–21 | 11 | 2015

Virtual Reality will revolutionise filmmaking in the coming years. In 360° worlds, we can experience stories more intensively than ever before. But how does VR work? Which technologies are used, and which teams? And above all, how does the storytelling work?


Fifty media professionals from throughout Germany came together to develop projects, network, and learn from each other. The Hackathon started at the same time for all participants: all 360° film production processes could be implemented in interdisciplinary project teams (journalists, designers, software developers, camera operators, sound designers, storytellers, producers, and directors), looking at aspects ranging from material development and 360° filming through to stitching, post-processing, and scoring. Filming took place at the Bavarian Film Centre, in the film and theatre props stores and the Bavarian Film Studios’ outdoor sets.


Emmy Award winner Thomas Wallner (DEEP Inc., Polar Sea 360°) opened the half-day conference part of the event, followed by an intensive, three-day workshop with Nicolas Jolliet, one of the most experienced 360° cameramen in the world.

360° VR Hackathon Partners