München, März 2014

Telling stories using a range of platforms is becoming a huge experiment. The world of filmmakers and storytellers has shifted since the Internet, smartphones, smart TV, tablets, and game consoles have changed our use of media.


Communication = interaction. What we know as mutual understanding between humans has now become a fixed part of digital communications. Users want to be actively involved.

But how do we tell stories digitally: on several platforms, at the same time or with interconnection, for different target groups? How is a Storyworld – the nucleus of transmedia storytelling – built up? How does value creation work, which teams are required, and which workflows need to be considered?

The Transmedia Masterclass put these developments under scrutiny, searching for creative storytelling and interaction ideas.


At this five-day Masterclass, we introduced participants to transmedia work with the aid of clearly demonstrated examples. We explained theoretical principles ranging from concept worlds, bibles, and timelines to character arcs and formats, and did practical work in multi-disciplinary groups on creative options and active ideas for new projects. The Masterclass was led by Jörg Ihle and Astrid Kahmke.


Our special guest and mentor for the Transmedia Masterclass was Lance Weiler. A writer and filmmaker, Lance is exploring the boundaries of digital media with his ground-breaking projects «Head Trauma», «Collapsus», «Pandemic», and «Bear 71». Businessweek has named him as one of the leading figures who will change Hollywood. Working exclusively with Lance Weiler was the triumphant finale of this experimental week.

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